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An organization’s recognition needs can be simple or more comprehensive.

Sodexo’s experienced Recognition Specialists will design and deliver programs that fit an organization’s culture and achieves results.

Sodexo’s experience and expertise in motivation develops an effective recognition strategy that attracts top talent, increases employee retention, and creates an encouraging and motivated workplace.

Our consultative approach, program management capabilities and superior service are focused on developing a culture of recognition that inspires long term employee motivation and drives business excellence.

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Incentive & Recognition Consulting and Program Design

Certified Recognition Specialists discover and evaluate clients’ needs and design tailored programs that are intuitive to an organization’s culture. Learn More.

Branding & Communication Service

Motivation Solutions’ marketing team designs effective communication tools to support program implementation and increase visibility for an organization’s incentive and recognition programs. Learn More.

Program Management Technology

The Motivation Platform makes managing recognition programs easy with powerful modules that increase motivation in the workplace. Learn More.

Reward and Gift Solutions

Sodexo’s incentives and rewards are the perfect solution for every day and every occasion. Our portfolio includes Esteem Pass, Ultimate Pass, Vivabox, Logo Items, Merchandise and Daily Recognition solutions. Learn More.

We’re Experts

For 30 years Sodexo has utilized its nearly 4,000 employees in 34 countries to deliver the most innovative incentives, recognition, benefits and rewards. Learn more about Sodexo.

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Are your current recognition practices effective?

Let Sodexo evaluate your "State of Recognition" for maximum program effectiveness.  

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Learn more about our qualitative and quantitative Recognition Assessment Services.

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